Online Appendices for allotaxonometry papers

Foundational paper:

Allotaxonometry and rank-turbulence divergence:
A universal instrument for comparing complex systems

P. S. Dodds, J. R. Minot, M. V. Arnold, T. Alshaabi, J. L. Adams, D. R. Dewhurst, T. J. Gray, M. R. Frank, A. J. Reagan, and C. M. Danforth


Complex systems often comprise many interacting parts of greatly varying number and size. Understanding how systems evolve or how two systems compare can be done powerfully through 'allotaxonographs': Dynamic dashboards of coupled maps and lists which show changes in component importance. Rank-turbulence divergence is a particular tunable instrument of allotaxonometry that can be applied to any pair of complex systems with meaningfully rankable components.