Smorgasdashbord of POTUSometrics:

1. Raw Fame: Daily rank on all of Twitter for 'trump' and 'biden':

2. Raw Fame: Bigger picture for major candidates in US Presidential elections, 2008 on:

A.-F.: Rank time series for main names for presidents and candidates. Extras: G. BTS for the Ultrafame of K-Pop, H. The lexical ultrafame of threshold set by 'god', and I. 'obama' and 'trump' in their first terms, normal scale (all others are logarithmic).

3. Ambient happiness scores for tweets containing Biden and tweets containing Trump:

4. Stories—Narratively dominant words around Trump at the week scale:

5. What time of the day does President Trump tweet?

Normalized by a rate of 1000 'trump's in 2016.